What is Forensic Meteorology?

Forensic meteorology can help solve weather or climate-related questions, resolve an insurance claim, or support litigation efforts. Forensic weather analysis is routinely needed by attorneys, insurance companies, law enforcement, engineers, and various private companies to research past weather conditions.

Having a Certified Consulting Meteorologist (CCM) on our team uniquely qualifies Monarch for expert testimony in legal cases large or small. 

Forensic meteorologists analyze weather data - such as radar imagery, satellite imagery, weather station records, and numerical weather prediction models. They assess factors such as wind patterns, precipitation, temperature, lightning data, visibility, and storm activity to reconstruct past weather conditions and understand their potential impact on the event in question.

The role of forensic meteorologists is to investigate and determine how weather conditions may have influenced or contributed to a specific event or incident. This can include weather-related accidents, property damage, personal injury cases, insurance claims, and criminal investigations.

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