Tropical Storm Henri


Tropical Storm Henri made landfall near Westerly Rhode Island around August 22 12:15pm eastern time with steady winds estimated at 52 Kts.  Power Outage and wind / tidal impacts were generally less than forecast (forecasts were quite intense leading up to landfall).

Model Performance Discussion

  • Tropical Storm / Hurricane Henri formed in the western Atlantic as a tropical depression on the 15th of August. The system began at a latitude of 37 N – very high latitude for tropical development.
  • Initial NHC tracks forecast a southwestward track that then curved out to sea without threatening landfall.
  • Models and NHC gradually forecast the storm closer and closer to the shore and then as a landfalling hurricane.
  • Hurricane Henri was eventually forecast to impact very close to NYC as a CAT 1 hurricane, which increased media coverage.
  • As Henri moved across the warm Gulf Stream waters (30 C / 86 F), Henri did become a hurricane.
  • Models / NHC then began a steady eastward transition of the landfall location – moving across Long Island to then just off the eastern edge.
  • NHC kept a CAT 1 impact forecast of strength as the weather models began to weaken the system – GFS did an excellent solution, accounting for the impact of the colder coastal water and land interaction.
  • Our wind gust modeling analysis/forecast did an excellent job of forecasting the area/speed of gusts.

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