Monarch Virtual Summit

Discover key insights from our recent Monarch Virtual Summit on weather and climate impacts to various industries, featuring seasoned Meteorologists Ken Mahan, Crystal Egger, Kathryn Prociv, and Jenna Lake.

With 2023 standing as the costliest year for weather-related disasters in US business history, amounting to $92.9 billion in damages, our event delivered invaluable insights and proactive strategies for businesses navigating weather disruptions.

Find out how the Monarch Team can help you navigate extreme weather risks in 2024, boost profitability, and fortify your business against future challenges.Additionally, get an exclusive look at Monarch's latest product, MonarchView, designed to provide clarity in weather navigation.

If you missed out, catch the replay here.

About Monarch Weather & Climate Intelligence

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Monarch challenges leaders to discover a new way to forecast their business. Keep Monarch on your Radar.

We are a woman-owned business with a team of Certified Consulting Meteorologists (CCM) and GIS Analysts, providing meteorological and climate services via custom forecasting, modeling and advisory within the insurance, tech, energy, real estate, transportation and agricultural sectors.

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