Monarch Takes the Stage at Disasters Expo in Anaheim: Combining Weather Expertise with Disaster Preparedness

In an era marked by increasingly frequent and severe extreme weather events, prioritizing preparedness is crucial for protecting both communities and businesses and mitigating their impact. Monarch President Crystal Egger, along with Managing Partner Kevin Tully, were honored to present at the 2023 Disaster Expo USA in Anaheim, California, an event bringing together industry experts, innovators, and stakeholders in the field of disaster management and preparedness. At the Expo, the Monarch team provided an informative session about our changing climate and demonstrated examples to Mitigate Risk with Hyper-Local Situational Weather Awareness. 

Monarch's President & Meteorologist Crystal Egger

Highlighting Cutting-Edge Solutions

At their booth they presented cutting-edge solutions and tools that bridge the gap between meteorology and disaster preparedness. From advanced weather forecasting models to real-time weather monitoring products, Monarch demonstrated how these technologies can empower disaster management professionals to make informed decisions and mitigate the impact of weather-related disasters.

“Our custom interactive dashboards provide timely weather risk data for decision-makers with hyper-local insights to address specific answers and/or solutions to client pain points.” ~Crystal Egger, President of Monarch.

Networking and Collaboration

One of the highlights of the event was the chance to network and collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations. They were inspired by the commitment and dedication of the disaster preparedness community and saw great potential for future collaborations that can further enhance our ability to protect lives and property in the face of adversity.

From Wildfires to Floods, and other weather events, it’s important for cutting edge innovation, products and solutions to continue to emerge in our rapidly changing climate. Communication is essential and Monarch values the partnerships to combat the weather world we all are facing now and in the future.” ~Kevin Tully, Managing Partner, Monarch
Monarch's Managing Partner, Kevin Tully, and President, Crystal Egger, presenting at the Disaster Expo USA in Anaheim, CA

A Vision for a Resilient Future

As they look to the future, Monarch remains committed to its mission of providing accurate and actionable weather information. The participation in Disaster Expo USA reinforced the belief that by working together and harnessing the power of technology, more resilient communities can be built that are better prepared to face the challenges of an increasingly unpredictable climate.


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