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Weather Review | Week of Feb 13-19

Key Messages:

After a soggy Super Bowl Sunday, high pressure and dry weather return to start the upcoming week.
Temperatures climb through the week, with highs in the 70s by midweek.

Monday may feature decreasing showers early in the morning, but high pressure arrives and dries things out through Thursday.

The next chance for any appreciable precipitation will be Thursday night in the form of showers.

Given the very warm airmass in place, if the storm system trends slower and arrives during peak heating on Friday, isolated thunderstorms would also be possible. At this time widespread severe weather is not expected.

Once this storm system passes sometime on Friday, dry skies prevail for the start of the weekend.

Kathryn Prociv, CCM
*Forecast is subject to change, especially beyond 48 hours. An updated forecast will be provided if there is a significant change in the forecast.