What is Weather Consulting?

Weather consulting is a professional service that provides expert advice, analysis, tools and guidance related to weather and climate and the potential impact on various industries. Our team consists of Certified Consulting Meteorologists, former Broadcast Meteorologists and GIS Operational Meteorologists. We are experts in the field who analyze weather patterns, forecasts, and historical data to provide valuable insights, products and tools to our clients.

Weather consulting can be utilized in a wide range of sectors, including insurance, agriculture, viticulture, aviation, energy, construction, real estate, retail, transportation, logistics, and event planning. Consultants may offer services such as situational weather awareness planning, severe weather monitoring, climate analysis, seasonal outlooks, weather-related decision support, and various other customized weather reports tailored to specific client needs.

By leveraging the expertise of Certified Consulting Meteorologists, businesses and organizations can mitigate overall risk, improve safety measures, minimize weather-related disruptions, maximize efficiency, and enhance overall performance.

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