The Private Weather Forecasting Revolution is Here and Women Entrepreneurs are Leading the Way

Thirteen billion dollars. That is the value weather creates for businesses each year according to the National Weather Service (NWS). It is little wonder that the private weather forecasting industry has exploded as companies large and small across nearly every industrial sector seek to leverage weather analytics to reduce risk and seize on weather related business opportunities.

Meet four women who understand the devastating effects of weather and our changing climate on people and capital, firsthand. After working together at The Weather Channel, Crystal Egger and Kathryn Prociv teamed up to turn their knowledge, experience, leadership skills and love of science into big business by launching Monarch Weather Consulting. They quickly added Ashley Ballard and Lauren Prociv who brought geospatial analytics and marketing expertise to the table, creating a powerhouse team.

“Despite a worldwide pandemic, the weather never stops. There will always be a need for forecasting and risk analysis. In fact, we see the demand for more sustainable solutions growing exponentially as our climate changes,” Crystal says.

“We believe in the power of human nature to prevail against headwinds when you have the right tools. Essentially, turning weather into impact,” says Kathryn. “We call it the three P’s of private weather forecasting. Predict, Prepare, and Profit. The custom weather solutions we develop for our clients puts actionable intelligence right in their hands. As women leaders in the business world, Monarch hopes to inspire the next generation of young girls and eager scientists and raise each other up through the power of example and collaboration.

About Monarch Weather & Climate Intelligence

We are a woman-owned business with a team of Certified Consulting Meteorologists (CCM) and GIS Analysts, providing meteorological and climate services via custom forecasting, modeling and advisory within the insurance, tech, energy, real estate, transportation and agricultural sectors.

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Monarch challenges leaders to discover a new way to forecast their business. Keep Monarch on your Radar.