Hokie Alumni Support Virginia Tech Students in the Orbital Launch Vehicle Team Program as they Attempt to Reach New Heights

(September 22, 2021) - Monarch Weather Consulting announces their sponsorship of the Orbital Launch Vehicle Team

(OLVT) program at Virginia Tech this Fall.OLVT is founded on the central goal of becoming the first collegiate organization to deliver an object into Low Earth Orbit. This team has made leaps and bounds in this pursuit and have successfully been launching rockets since 2017. What sets apart the OLVT team from other design teams is their unique sub-teams that allows them to learn from one another.

Scheduled to launch in late 2021, “Hokie 0.75” is a solid fuel rocket that will reach outer space with an installed impulse of 210,000 Ns. Standing over 21 feet tall, this two-stage rocket has already completed a preliminary design review and one critical design review. These students have conducted every part of the building process from putting together its electronic systems, running flight simulations, developing motors, designing a launch tower, and even funding the build. OLVT has already begun to plan its next rockets “Hokie 0.8”, “Hokie 0.9”, and “Hokie 1”, but rely on the financial support from sponsors to achieve their goals. Monarch Weather is proud to join OLVT’s sponsorship program and aims to help these students prosper in their future endeavors.

About Monarch: Led by three former Hokies, Monarch Weather is a women-owned company that provides meteorological and climate services across varies industries.This team is composed of experienced Certified Consulting Meteorologists and GIS data scientists enabling Monarch to have the most advanced weather intelligence and analytics available. Monarch utilizes exclusive weather API to help companies navigate ever changing weather and climate on both the local and global level, allowing their clients to mitigate risks and reap rewards.

As women leaders in the business world, Monarch hopes to inspire the next generation of young girls and eager scientists and raise each other up through the power of example and collaboration.