State Retirements, Pensions and Billion-Dollar Portfolios

A billion-dollar state pension fund wanted to know if any of their properties (i.e. real-estate, real assets) were susceptible to growing physical climate risks (flooding, extreme temperatures, hurricanes, severe weather, sea-level rise, etc.) Portfolio managers were not just worried about physical damage from storms/sea-level rise, but also long-term migratory risk from drought leading to water scarcity concerns, energy costs associated with extreme temperatures, etc

Monarch provided a comprehensive physical climate risk report that was area specific (analysis can be done down to an exact latitude/longitude of a property or for an entire metro area) that revealed trends in physical climate risk past to present and also future climate risk based on the latest global climate model projections. Climate risks were broken out in terms of short-term, intermediate-term and long-term risks.

With Monarch’s information, the portfolio managers were armed with information needed for decision making around holding onto vs. getting rid of an existing property. In the case of another billion-dollar portfolio, Monarch’s flood-risk analytics were used as a go/no-go decision tool for investing in a future area of interest.

About Monarch Weather & Climate Intelligence

We are a woman-owned business with a team of Certified Consulting Meteorologists (CCM) and GIS Analysts, providing meteorological and climate services via custom forecasting, modeling and advisory within the insurance, tech, energy, real estate, transportation and agricultural sectors.

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