Agriculture AG 360° Product

A Minnesota farmer wanted to know how to leverage daily weather forecasts and season outlooks to increase crop yields.

Monarch provided the farmer with their Ag 360° product with customized parameters (rainfall forecasts, temperature outlooks, drought conditions, frost modeling, GDD analysis and more) to help the farmer outmaneuver adverse weather conditions. Ag 360° is optimized for mobile so the weather data is in the palm of your hand at all times while in the field. Ag 360° also includes real-time push notifications if severe weather is on the way.

Success story from Spring 2020: While other farmer’s crops fell victim to the unusually wet and cold spring. Monarch’s farmer was able to have a positive crop yield outcome using Monarch’s analytics.

Testimony: Mike Veiseth

“The accuracy of the hourly forecast was, in a word, AMAZING! The reports are simple and easy to read. You have all the weather information you need in a matter of minutes. Having all that weather data allowed me to save money from minimizing feed losses and also by having timely field operations completed on time. The Monarch weather team are some of the most knowledgeable in the weather industry and its been a joy working with them!”

About Monarch Weather & Climate Intelligence

We are a woman-owned business with a team of Certified Consulting Meteorologists (CCM) and GIS Analysts, providing meteorological and climate services via custom forecasting, modeling and advisory within the insurance, tech, energy, real estate, transportation and agricultural sectors.

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