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Weather Review | Week of Sep 18-24

Key Messages:

Temperatures warm through midweek before thunderstorms knock temperatures back down.
Sporadic rain chances possible this week but all eyes will be on bigger rain potential on Friday.

It will be a warm week by September standards, with temperatures soaring to about 10 degrees above average. The warmest day of the week will be Wednesday, with highs expected in the mid-80s.

While sporadic rain chances will be possible through the week, and especially associated with a thunderstorm risk on Wednesday, the better chance for appreciable rainfall will be Friday into Saturday. There is large model spread regarding if the ingredients will mash up just right for a multi-day accumulating rainfall event, versus a lighter event featuring more hit or miss rainfall. For drought-stricken Minnesota, fingers and toes will be crossed for the first outcome with accumulating rain on the horizon.

While uncertainty is there for the rainfall, there is higher confidence that windy conditions will return to the area. It's always windy in Zumbrota! The incoming system mentioned above will kick winds up as it approaches the area, with wind gusts up to 30mph possible Friday, Friday night and likely through the day on Saturday.

Kathryn Prociv, CCM
*Forecast is subject to change, especially beyond 48 hours. An updated forecast will be provided if there is a significant change in the forecast.

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