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Weather Review | Week of April 22-28

Key Messages:

Rain chances first half of the week.
Below freezing temperatures possible Friday-Sunday morning.

Through midweek, rain chances will serve as the main weather focal point for the local area. With the area still under abnormally dry conditions despite recent rains, any appreciable moisture will help soothe the still desiccated soils. Good news, with little instability in place there is little risk for thunderstorms.

After the early week showers, attention turns to temperatures. After highs in the 50s Wednesday and Thursday, highs drop back to the 40s on Friday behind the cold front, including low temperatures in the low-mid 30s Friday morning. The weekend mornings will be colder still, with lows forecast to be in the 20s and 30s across southern Minnesota.

These cold temperatures, combined with light winds, could cause widespread frost formation and hard freezes (especially given the area-wide greening up of vegetation with the widespread recent rainfall).

Kathryn Prociv, CCM
*Forecast is subject to change, especially beyond 48 hours. An updated forecast will be provided if there is a significant change in the forecast.

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