Wagering with the Weather

Global sports betting in twelve major countries will account for more than 105 billion dollars in 2023 and it is estimated to grow 30% in the next five years. It seems every athletic analytic is now available to forecast the outcome of a game and provide information to the bettor, but what about weather analytics? Like sports, the weather is all about the little moments that create big impacts.

Sports Betting Market Size Global Report, 2022 - 2030

Do You Know All the Players Involved? Weather is rarely examined in Sports Wagering. From historical outcomes to climate data and forecasting, utilizing weather analytics is often an untapped metric when making a pick.

Monarch Weather and Climate Intelligence creates custom sports weather dashboards and AI-driven modeling, based on historical game statistics and weather conditions. Predicting the favorite, examining the over/under, and the probability of all the final statistics where an outdoor game is played.

The Monarch Edge to any Betters Platform from excessive heat affecting performance at the World Cup, to high winds and wet surfaces on the Pitch, or severe cold and heavy snowfall during a football playoff showdown, weather can be the difference between winning and losing. Monarch has you covered.

The Science of Weather creates significant impact for your betting strategy. Did you know cold weather causes the air to be up to 10% denser, affecting how far a ball can be thrown or kicked? Wind and precipitation can severely impact every play and decision making. Heat and humidity influences star athletes as they use energy to maintain core body temperatures.

A home field advantage by examining the weather’s key numbers.

Wagering with the Weather is the Monarch Edge.

About Monarch Weather & Climate Intelligence

We are a woman-owned business with a team of Certified Consulting Meteorologists (CCM) and GIS Analysts, providing meteorological and climate services via custom forecasting, modeling and advisory within the insurance, tech, energy, real estate, transportation and agricultural sectors. Visit our homepage www.monarchweather.com or message us directly Team@MonarchWeather.com.

Monarch challenges leaders to discover a new way to forecast their business. Keep Monarch on your Radar.

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