• Forensics. We provide official weather data, certified NOAA/NCEI weather records, in-depth analysis of the weather conditions at specific locations. This can include comprehensive written reports, graphics + animations, affidavits, depositions and live trial testimony. 

  • Post storm analysis - Provide damage surveys and estimated impacts from catastrophic weather events.  

  • Global historical climate analysis.


  • Early warning decision support system. You will receive customized SMS alerts and hazard updates via text message and email for your business locations.

  • Our team will interpret the status and impact of a particular hazard/weather event associated with your facilities, employees, productivity and supply chain. Monitoring and updates will be provided throughout the duration of the event. 

  • Monarch Weather Consultants are accessible by video chat, phone call or email for real-time weather briefings - dependent on client preference.


  • We provide accurate and easily understood seasonal weather outlooks.

  • We meet your client needs through daily, weekly or monthly customized forecasts.

  • We assist with future business planning. Industries include construction, technology, public works, events, and agriculture.

We utilize DisasterAWARE Enterprise - the most powerful SaaS based Risk Intelligence platform. This helps us provide real-time, accurate, multi-hazards smart alerts, situational awareness, predictive impact and needs analysis of Natural Disaster & Geo Political data, protects business assets & people around the globe, strengthen Enterprise Business Resilience.

  • Near Real-Time Hazard Advisory

  • Observations & Forecasts

  • Satellite Imagery

  • Infrastructure

  • GIS Data

  • Custom Data

  • Historical Data

  • Remote Sensing Data

  • Regional Risk and Vulnerability