Monarch Weather Weekly: September 18, 2023

Monday Mess on the Roads

Mondays are one of the busiest days of the week for the freight industry, and trouble is expected on the roads for much of the I-95 corridor, as two low pressure systems unite resulting in pockets of heavy, disruptive rain in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast to start the work week. Monarch models forecast up to 2” of rainfall in areas between Boston and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina through mid-afternoon, bringing challenges to the ground shipping industry, which transports over $55 billion worth of goods daily. Monarch forecasters deliver hyper-local awareness to ensure safe routes and timely delivery in an extremely robust industry.

Florida Rain

There’s always one state left out of fair weather fun, and this week, it’s Florida. A stalled frontal boundary will regenerate daily showers and thunderstorms nearly everyday this week for the not-so Sunshine State. Monarch meteorologists will track the daily rainfall, projected to range between 1-2 inches across the state. There's a possibility of soil saturation by the end of the week, potentially leading to flooding situations.

First Day of Fall

Feels like Fall where you are? Join most of the country! Saturday the 23rd marks the Autumn Equinox, otherwise known as the first day of the Fall season and temperatures across the majority of the country will be where they, climatologically, are supposed to be. To pair well with minimal excessive temperatures this week, a massive high pressure dome will stretch across the eastern half of the country beginning Tuesday, bringing an abundance of favorable weather for over 175 million Americans for most of the work week.

Forecast weather pattern for the week ahead in the U.S.

Margot Turns European as Nigel Forms

Europe is in line for its first tropical system of the season this week. Tropical Storm Margot has meandered in the northern Atlantic for the past week and Monarch Tropical Meteorologists forecast the storm to be caught up in a frontal boundary that will steer the storm hard east toward the continent. First at risk will be the Azores, with potential record rainfall Thursday and Friday as Margot arrives as a still organized Depression. Above average sea surface temperatures may keep the storm together enough to bring torrential rainfall into western Europe, including the UK, Spain, and/or France by the end of the weekend. 

Nigel formed over the weekend and has strengthened into a hurricane, marking the 5th hurricane formation in the Atlantic since August 26th. Nigel will rapidly become a major hurricane, likely reaching Category 3 or higher, with winds exceeding 111 mph as it moves through the central Atlantic early next week. Nigel will encounter ocean waters that have not been affected or cooled down by former Category 5 Hurricane Lee.

Tropical activity in the Atlantic today.

Australia Sunshine May Spell Trouble

As Fall commences in the northern hemisphere, Australia will experience increased sunshine leading up to the spring equinox this week.

Parts of Australia will see daily increases of daylight up to 4 minutes per day over the next month. This is not entirely good news as with the longer days will come warming temperatures, and Australia so far has experienced the warmest September across all of its provinces - breaking record marks formerly lasting 17 to 79 years, depending on location.


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