Monarch Weather Weekly: January 23rd, 2023

Large scale high pressure in the Western half of the United States has restored a quieter weather pattern to California, and the rest of the west coast in need of reprieve. This pattern will also promote cooler than normal temperatures to begin the week and allow for recovery and drainage, which is necessary to mitigate impact before the next low pressure system next week. As La Nina warms to Neutral, a more active than normal remainder of the Winter is anticipated. On the eastern side of the country the snow drought in many northeast cities may see slight improvements.

An early week low pressure system may supply the first measurable snowfall to New York City in more than 300 days (about 10 months). If the surface remains too warm, that snow drought will continue, and they would climb the chart to the second most consecutive days without measurable snowfall. There is an additional opportunity for snow in the middle of the week, with another low traveling up the spine of the Appalachians. This should help increase snowpack for mid-Atlantic ski resorts, chipping away at their snow deficit. Mid-week low pressure may also prompt another chance for severe weather in the south, adding to a very busy Winter severe trend in that part of the country.

The Northeast may see beneficial snowfall to decrease their seasonal deficit.

A similar trend will continue for Europe after a brief reprieve from a warm Winter, Europe will fall back into an average pattern, mild but rainy. In Australia, another heat wave is likely to take over the continent by mid-week, on the heels of last week’s heat that caused suspension of the Australian Open matches in Melbourne.

A severe heatwave is likely mid-week in Central and Southern Australia.

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