Benefit: Targeted forecasts minimize supply chain disruption and delays.


Deliverable(s): Short- and long-range forecasts for designated/specific shipping lanes (land, air and sea)


Never Get Caught of Guard

When weather threatens your supply chain, short- and long-range forecasts empower you to be more proactive in protecting your precious resources. Not only property, inventory and collateral, but human capital as well. That’s why Monarch provides targeted weather forecasts for all your interests around the world, no matter how big or small your footprint. This includes daily forecast reports, or detailed reports on a case-by-case or event-specific basis. Spend more time on your front foot than your back foot with Monarch.



When a large facility was destroyed by a major hurricane, a risk manager for a global company decided he needed a meteorologist on his team.

We provided weather and natural hazard consulting to a large, global technology and supply chain service, located in over 50 countries. Taking global weather information using real-time weather and model data from numerous sources (including all NWS and NOAA resources, JTWC, etc.), we synthesized that information into daily non-technical forecast briefs and reports to the non-meteorological client for decision-making regarding protection of their facilities located worldwide. In addition to protecting static facilities, targeted forecasts for shipping routes mitigated supply chain disruption.