Benefit: Weather analysis that solves problems, crimes & mysteries



Weather Records, Written Reports & Expert Testimony for Attorneys and Insurance Professionals involved in Weather-Related Incidents


When you should blame the weather...
and when you should not 

Want to know what the specific weather conditions were at the time of an accident? Or if a roof collapse was possible due to a heavy snow event? Forensic meteorology can help solve any kind of weather or climate-related question that could help solve a crime, resolve an insurance claim, or support a litigation claim. Forensic weather analysis is routinely needed by attorneys, insurance companies, law enforcement, engineers, and various private companies to research past weather conditions and even conduct climate investigations. Having a Certified Consulting Meteorologist (CCM) on our team makes us uniquely qualified to offer expert testimony for cases large or small.



A house window was broken. Was it a strong thunderstorm? Or thief in the night?

A defendant was accused of a home invasion. It was argued the person accused broke the window to enter a personal residence, then proceeded to steal valuable belongings. The defendant claimed they were not near the house that night and that they did not break the window but instead a thunderstorm with strong winds broke the window. Forensic meteorological analysis of past hourly weather observations from the exact time and date in question revealed it did not rain or storm that night, and in fact did not rain for two days on either side of the date in question. The defendant lost the case and was justly penalized for the crime.