Benefit: Detailed forecasts prevent surprises — delays and overages caused by inclement weather.



Daypart forecasts for all shoot locations 


Never Miss a Creative Opportunity

The entertainment and advertising industries move a mile-a-minute but unexpected weather delays can cause production to grind to a halt. By staying ahead of the forecast, companies can plan around the weather resulting in less delays, overages and lost creative opportunities. That’s why Monarch provides forecasts for productions of all shapes and sizes at any interval needed — hourly, daypart, daily, weekly, or monthly. Make the most out of every moment with Monarch.



a multi-million dollar company only had four days to film a commercial with outdoor scenes. Each day had a risk of thunderstorms.

A detailed weather forecast report was provided before the production shoot began which gave detailed and location-specific information on the forecast for the week broken down by day, and then broken down further by daypart (morning, afternoon, and evening). After production began, frequent forecast updates were provided each day until completion. The result was a successful wrap of all outdoor scenes which were filmed around the daily thunderstorms, with no disruption to resources thus saving time and money for all involved and with no sacrifice to the creative integrity.


Monarch Weather provided accurate and incredibly time-specific forecasts while my team and I were on a shoot in Toronto to film a broadcast commercial for Hanesbrands.

Kathryn’s expertise allowed us to save funds that would have been spent on contingency planning and to be effective with timing since we were able to coordinate around the weather that did occur.

We appreciate Monarch tremendously!
— Liesl Lipford