Benefit: Precise forecasts and crop x-rays detect health problems weeks in advance, empowering better short and long-term resource allocation to more efficiently increase yield production while decreasing crop loss.



Customized Daily Forecasts, Weekly/Monthly Outlooks, Growing Degree Day Reports

Change Detection Analysis


Never Develop a Blind Spot

Whether a crop concern arises from weather, pests, increasing drought or machinery damage, early detection is everything in agriculture. That’s why Monarch provides custom reports for your farm - down to the individual crop - along with high resolution satellite images of your property. These satellite images are similar to taking an “x-ray” of your fields to detect various problems not yet visible to the naked eye, weeks in advance. This information could allow for targeted short and long-term resource allocation, resulting in higher efficiency and increased yield production while decreasing crop loss. You can’t have eyes everywhere. Unless you have Monarch.



During a spring plagued by cold and record flooding, a Midwestern farmer realized custom reporting could increase yieldS

Temperature, humidity, dew point, probability of precipitation, severe thunderstorm outlooks, soil moisture, snowfall forecasts, etc. All these parameters, plus more, were broken down into hyper-local daily, extended and monthly outlooks specific to a designated farm. Growing degrees were provided for specific crops, and a high-resolution satellite revealed problem areas on the farm up to two weeks before they would be visible to the naked eye. Each report was customized for each season, with the result being an increased yield production in crops by the end of the year.